Oneplus Surpasses Samsung and Apple to lead the Growing Indian Premium Segment During Quarter2 2018

Nowdays the people see the Specifications , Features, looks in the phones . The onepus phones has all these 3 main elements in their phones . The oneplus specifications is top of the line and there is no problem in specifications and the phone has some amazing features and the features is updated time to time .

  • The looks is outstanding. In earlier one plus is kown as FLAGSHIP KILLER .
  • Now the company main focus is on there premium smartphones.
  • Nowdays the oneplus phones has become status symbol for Youngsters and people.
  • Out of 10 smartphones the 3 phones of oneplus is there.
  • The oneplus has captured he market share.


As we move to past records of one plus the market share is 8 % in quarter 2 of 2017 . As the makret share is increased that is  40% in quarter 2 of 2018 . In 2017 at Quarter 2 the  market share of samsung is 54% . Now the market share is decreased up to 34% same in Apple the market share of  apple is decreased up to 29% to 13% . Under premium phone segment the oneplus is trending.  The oneplus launch only 2 phones in each year that is quarter 2 and quarter 4 that is of premium segment smartphones.

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